Seeking: Junior C General Manager

Junior C General Manager Position

Our Junior C Lacrosse team is in search of a General Manager with the following minimum qualifications:

  • Proven ability to work within a set team budget
  • Ability to develop and promote a new team
  • Act a liaison between OMLA and the OLA Jr C council
  • Able to communicate effectively with team staff, athletes and families, and OMLA board of directors
  • Knowledge and understanding of team organization
  • Proven ability to work in team environment
  • Proven ability to successfully manage an elite sports team
  • Proven ability to successfully cope with deterrents and hardships in a competition
  • Knowledge & experience dealing with & managing conflict
  • Meet screening requirements including a Criminal Record Check

As a General Manager your role is key to the formation of the Management Staff and you will be responsible for and held accountable for the selection of the other members of the Management Staff. Your experience and knowledge of lacrosse will be essential to forming a successful and cohesive Junior C team.

Click here to apply or contact OMLA President, Simon Hames for more information at