2021 Rep Team Tryouts

Tryout Fees: $25

Rep Tryouts will be held at White Oaks Secondary School


  • You must register using the TRY LACROSSE product.
  • Prior to registering, please ensure to have proof of birth on hand.  Proof of birth is required for New Players and must be uploaded at the time of registration (proof of birth must be in pdf or jpg format for upload).


It looks different. It won't be specifically "Field Lacrosse" or "Box Lacrosse". Instead we're calling it lacrosse and are aiming just to get out and play! We will start the season outside - and we may stay there. If we can go in, we will. We are trying to get kids into team bubbles so that IF and WHEN we move to Orange we can join a cohort and play some games. Plain and simple, we just want to play lacrosse!


The Paperweight Select team is a program focused on development, where players are first registered with House League.  Players will have the opportunity to attend an assessment and be invited to join the Select team. If they join the Select team, they will no longer participate in House League. Player registration fees will be transferred to the Select team. The team will have one practice per week during the season. Games are scheduled on an ad hoc basis. The team MAY attend two (max three) tournaments during the season.

All House League players will come to the Assessment day. After this day, the Paperweight Select coaches will reach out to players of interest and invite them to a tryout. From the tryout, should a player be selected for the team, they will review fees, practices, games, & tournaments, and commit to the program. A player accepting the invitation would be transferred from House League to the Rep system and not take part in our House League program. Please note that Paperweight Select is TBA for the season.


Field fees:

  • U9 Field - TBA
  • U11 Field - TBA
  • U13 Field - TBA
  • U15 Field - TBA
  • U17 Field - TBA

Tryout Dates, Times & Locations

U17 (2005, 2006)

12:00pm Saturday April 3

2:30pm Sunday April 4


U15 (2007, 2008)

10:45am Saturday April 3

1:15pm Sunday April 4


U13 (2009, 2010)

9:30am Saturday April 3

3:45pm Sunday April 4


U11 (2011, 2012)

6:30pm Friday April 2

6:30pm Monday April 5


U9 (2013, 2014)

5:30pm Friday April 2

5:30pm Monday April 5


  • Conflicts – Please email vprep@oakvillelacrosse.com if you have an issue.
  • Competition for selection will be high and teams are shorted due to Ontario Lacrosse Association rules and guidelines.
  • The number of teams in each division will depend upon the number of players trying out. This determination will be made during the tryout period.