Knowing what to expect during the tryout process can make the experience more enjoyable for you and your child(ren). Please review the process below.

 Prior to arrival

  • You must register & pay $25 cash or cheque made out to Oakville Minor Lacrosse Association on the day of the tryout. No pay, no play!
  • If you can not attend a tryout, please email
  • If you have registration questions, please contact the Registrar – (
  • Full equipment is required for all lacrosse tryouts. This includes mouthguards. Make sure your child has a water bottle.

What to expect during the tryout process

  • This year, don't arrive early! Check the guidelines as to arrival time.
  • Sign in and indicate your pinnie description and number. Bring your own!
  • Accompany your child to the assigned change room to get dressed and assist them only if required. Players should get dressed in full equipment.
  • Once the coaches are ready to begin the tryout, your child will be allowed to enter the floor. At this time, please leave your child in the coaches’ care and watch from the designated viewing area around the glass on the 1st floor only. No parents will be allowed to watch from the upper level as this will be reserved for coaches.
  • The coaches will not be answering questions from parents on tryout days. Please do not approach the coaches, as you may direct any questions to the individuals listed below.
  • Please return your pinnie to registration after the session.

What is expected of you and your child

  • Arrive early. Ensure you have packed all the equipment your child will require for the tryout, including a mouth guard.
  • Listen carefully to instructions.
  • Have fun! We know this can be stressful – but remind your child that this is a chance to go out and play a sport they love
  • Come to the tryout well rested, and ready to work hard and give your best effort
  • Please be respectful of the tryout process, the coaches, the kids and all the volunteers helping

Things that coaches may be evaluating besides obvious lacrosse skills

  • Your child’s ability to listen and follow direction
  • Ability to stay focused during drills (no horseplay while standing in line, no cutting in line, no unnecessary chitchat with teammates, completes the drills properly – doesn’t cheat running to the line)
  • Consistently being in the right position – this is usually achieved by good hustle
  • Good communication on the floor – letting your teammates know what is going on behind them on defense
  • Commitment to the team
  • Positive attitude, strong character and good sportsmanship

How and when will I know if my child made a team?

  • Head coaches will contact children by phone or email within 36 hours of the final tryout for their age group.
  • Invitations to TeamSnap will be sent out once all team members have been notified.
  • If your child is not selected for a rep team, the fees paid are automatically transferred to our house league program.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?