Hawks Box Lacrosse Rep Program

The OMLA offers opportunities for selected players to represent Oakville Lacrosse while practicing and playing at a highly competitive level in provincial-based competitions. This requires a higher level of commitment than would not be expected at the house league level.

Players must be registered online with the proper documentation prior to tryouts.

As with other rep sports, to play on a rep team, a family needs to consider the level of commitment they can offer the team and take this into careful consideration before trying out.

REP BOX Lacrosse Program

Rep team tryouts are held in early February/March for Tyke - Midget.  Rep teams begin practices the second week of April.  Rep teams will practice twice per week on Mondays and Tuesdays during the regular season. Tyke and Novice REP box teams will only practice once a week during the field season, but will resume to twice a week once the field season is over.  Rep teams compete against other centers in Zone 10 in the Ontario Lacrosse Association(OLA).  Regular zone games begin in later April and conclude in August. Tyke and Novice games will start after the field season. Games are played on Wednesdays or Thursdays throughout central Ontario. Rep teams attend 3 tournaments during the season and OLA Box Lacrosse Provincial Festival concludes the season in early August (varies by division)

Learn more about Oakville Minor Lacrosse's policy on Field and Box Participation for Rep Players in Tyke/U9 and Novice/U11

In 2021 divisions will be;

  • Tyke - Birth Years 2014-2013
  • Novice - Birth Years 2012-2011
  • Peewee - Birth Years 2010-2009
  • Bantam - Birth Years 2008-2007
  • Midget - Birth Years 2006-2005

*Team assessments vary based on individual team costs (see below)

REP BOX Fees & information

Box Fees:

  • Paperweight Select - TBA
  • Tyke/U9 - TBA
  • Novice/U11 - TBA
  • Peewee - TBA
  • Bantam - TBA
  • Midget - TBA

Fees are paid through an initial registration fee TBA plus two additional installments to be collected April 15th and May 15th.

*Tyke/U9 is one program. Fees are TBA

**Novice/U11 is one program. Fees are TBA

Players not selected to a rep team may elect to have their registration transferred to house league. Otherwise, a refund may be requested. Please contact the registrar for these options.

Paperweight Select

The Paperweight Select team is a program focused on development, where players are first registered with House League.  Players will have the opportunity to attend an assessment and be invited to join the Select team. If they join the Select team, they will no longer participate in House League. Player registration fees will be transferred to the Select team. The team will begin practices in May, with one practice per week during the season. Games are scheduled on an ad hoc basis and will begin in May with the season concluding in late July. The team will attend two (max three) tournaments during the season.

All House League players will come to the Assessment day. After this day, the Paperweight Select coaches will reach out to select players and invite them to a tryout. From the tryout, should a player be selected for the team, they will review fees, practices, games, & tournaments, and commit to the program. A player accepting the invitation would be transferred from House League to the Rep system and not take part in our House League program. Please note that Paperweight Select is TBA for the season.