Tyke Division - Birth Years 2008 and 2009

This is a developmental program, teaching the fundamentals of lacrosse - respect for the game and all players, stick skills, goal tending and proper game contact. 

Two referees will officiate every game.  Off-shift players will stay on the benches.  Parents and siblings are encouraged to watch from the stands and cheer in a positive manner.

Over the season, Tykes will learn how to "shift on the fly" (shifting with no buzzer).  The first five games will be have three 16-minute periods with a 2-minute buzzer signalling a shift change.  Starting with week 6, there will be three 15-minute periods and the coaches will determine when players come off the floor.  The practices before week 6's game will be led by our HL Coach Development Coordinator so all teams will learn the same way.

There will be a three goal limit per player per game in order to help develop all players.

Tyke players serve their full penalties.  As with all divisions, Tyke through to Midget, any Tyke player assessed with 3 minor penalties or more will automatically be ejected from the game.  A Check from Behind penalty is a double-minor, which counts as two minor penalties.  If a player has been assessed with a Check from Behind and then gets any other penalty, s/he will be asked to leave the game.  S/he will not be allowed on the bench for the remainder of the game.  Although this seems severe to some, especially at the Tyke level, we do this for the safety of all of our players and to make sure all players understand the danger and severity of checking another player from behind.


Cost: $310 ($340 after March 1, 2016)

Equipment: helmet with face mask, mouth guard, gloves, shoulder pads, kidney pads, athletic support, lacrosse stick and running shoes

60 minute practices Wednesday or Thursday evenings and games Saturday mornings. 

Shorts, jerseys and goalie equipment will be provided by the OMLA.

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